Syracuse Mayor Announces New Initiatives In State of the City Address

Syracuse, N.Y. - Mayor Ben Walsh is laying out his agenda for his final term.

Walsh is zeroing in on nuisance properties in the city. He wants to increase first offense fines from $1,000 to $2,500 to help try and combat the issue. As well as hire an attorney to add to their law department that will solely focus on nuisance abatement cases.

Reducing gun violence is also a top priority. He announced he's establishing "The Mayor's Office to Reduce Gun Violence." That office will be used to coordinate anti-gun violence initiatives, support community-based intervention and prevention services, and facilitate data-driven and evidence-based solutions to reduce gun violence.

Walsh delivered his annual address to the Syracuse Common Council from the production floor of the new JMA Wireless 5G manufacturing facility in the City of Syracuse. It is the only facility like it in the U.S. The plant will go into operation in February.

PhotoCred: Mayor's Office. The city of Syracuse.

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