Department Of Transportation In Syracuse To Talk I 81 Project

Syracuse, N.Y. - There's not an official final plan for the Interstate 81 project yet and the public has another 7 days to give input, but the DOT said today they have heard the concerns from some residents and are altering the plans a little already.

The biggest concern was the traffic roundabout originally planned near the Dr. King Elementary school

Mark Frechette, whose overseeing the project says they are now considering moving that to Kennedy or Van Buren streets instead.

The reason for the roundabout is to slow traffic down in preparation for slower ground level traffic.

Frechette also said the DOT will remain open to suggestions and will be available for questions and comments. He said they will have an outreach center where people can go to or call with their concerns. He said the public engagement process does not end October 14th.

He also said there is a misperception that all the I 81 traffic will be directed to the 81 Business Loop which is currently I 481.

Frechette said they have the flexibility to "tweak" things if necessary. How they do that is dependent on the magnitude of the changes.

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