Dewitt Police Officer Cleared Deemed Justified In Punching Woman

Town of Dewitt, N.Y. - Dewitt Police announcing today that the officer involved in a use of force incident at an East Syracuse Walmart was justified in punching a woman he was trying to arrest.

Officer Rory Spain and another officers were called to break up a fight where two women attacked another woman and store employees at times using pepper spray.

As they tried to arrest 22-year-old Tajenik Byrd, of Syracuse, and 26-year-old Tyreana Edmonds, of Albany, Edmonds tried to bite Spain. Officer Spain then used used a punching tactic to the left side of the woman's neck. That tactic is taught as a way to defuse a situation without injury to the officers hand bone or the suspects head bones.

Dewitt Police Chief Chase Bilodeau said Spain's actions were deemed justified because he was defending himself, and Investigators also determined that Spain did not use any more physical force once he was no longer in physical danger.

Officer Spain has been on administrative leave since the incident but is expected to be back to work sometime next week.

(Dewitt Police Chief Chase Bilodeau)

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