Gov Cuomo Says State And Hospital Workers Must Be Vaccinated By Labor Day

Albany, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo today in a virtual announcement laid out some requirements and warnings.

Cuomo said beginning Labor Day, all state employees will be required to either be vaccinated or get tested weekly and in NY State Hospitals, all patient facing workers will have to be vaccinated with no opt out for testing.

He also had a warning for schools, urging them to be "aggressive" in stopping any superspreads this fall.

The Governor said he thinks private businesses can help curb the Covid rise by requiring vaccines of any patrons permitted to enter. He said it could be good for business, too, because people want to go into businesses that are "safe".

Cuomo said 75% of adults statewide have been vaccinated, but said the remaining 25% poses a risk. He also said he would like to see the FDA issue final approval of the COVID vaccine, which currently is under emergency use authorization. Cuomo said, "Under emergency use authorization, states are limited as to what they can mandate. Once the vaccine is finally approved then the states have more legal authority to mandate the vaccine." 

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