Governor Cuomo To Spend 15 Million To Get More People Vaccinated

New York, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo holding a press conference today, this first time in over a week.

He pushed for more people to get vaccinated. He said 75% of adult NY'ers have been vaccinated and of course that leaves 25%, or around 3.5 million still unvaccinated. Cuomo said that's more that the number of people, in 21 states.

He announced that yesterday there were 1,900 new positive cases in one day, compared to 346 last month and that 72.2% of recent positives are due to the Delta variant.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) says "what we're looking at is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,"

Cuomo says 72.2% of new coronavirus infections are linked to the Delta variant, but just 0.15% of vaccinated people were infected.

Cuomo says the state will be releasing $15 million in funds to six statewide community organizations to help boost vaccination rates across New York.

Two of the zip code areas that the state is going to focus on are in Central New York, the Village of Parish in Oswego County and Cincinnatus in Cortland County

The monies will be distributed as follows:

Hispanic Federation: $5.5 million for COVID-19 vaccine education and awareness, case management, and the establishment of community vaccination and education sites.

Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies: $5.5 Million for grassroots community and statewide direct outreach and public education on COVID-19 vaccination.

New York Immigration Coalition: $1 million to provide accurate, technical, and tailored COVID-19 and vaccine information directly to communities and through member organizations.

Asian American Federation, Charles B. Wang Community Center, APICHA Community Health Center: $1 million each to partner with Asian-serving community-based and civic organizations in New York State with outreach to hardest-to-reach members of the community, including homebound seniors, undocumented immigrants, limited-English-proficient families


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