COVID 19 Restrictions Lifted In New York

New York, N.Y. - New York has hit a key Covid-19 vaccine milestone, 70% of New Yorkers have had at least one COVID shot.

Today Governor Cuomo announced all remaining COVID restrictions are lifted. Restaurants, retail stores, offices, gyms, amusement centers, and hair salons can make capacity and social distancing restrictions optional, as well as ease COVID disinfection protocols but are not required by the state.

Social distancing requirements, capacity limits, cleaning and disinfection mandates, health screening rules, etc will all be gone.

Others will still be required to abid by CDC guidelines, such as large event venues that seat over 5,000 people, public transportation, health care facilities, schools, homeless shelters and correctional facilities.

Cuomo announced all state buildings will be lit blue and gold tonight, and there will be fireworks across the state to honor essential workers


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