5 Arrested For Selling Illegal Fireworks Out of Convenience Stores And Home

Syracuse, N.Y. - New York State Police along with Syracuse Police Department busted a few convenience stores for selling illegal fireworks.

They checked 73 stores total, and 5 people were arrested for possession of illegal fireworks and 435 pounds of fireworks seized. The violators were stores on Lodi St Wolf St, and Teal Avenue. During the course of the investigation, officers discovered that people were selling illegal fireworks from their homes. One person on Burnet Ave was arrested and another rin Manlius.

Below are the people and places involved in selling the illegal fireworks:

Ahmed H. Klharrk, age 19 from Sham Market 1215 Lodi Street

Isam I.Deb, age 51 from Debs Market 613 Wolf Street

Mohamed M. Alzokari, age 19 from Teal Market 825 Teal Ave.

During the course of the investigation, officers became aware of a subject selling illegal fireworks from a private residence at 1425 Burnet Ave.

Eric K. Stoddard, age 51 from 1425 Burnet Ave. Syracuse, NY

Samuel A Baadani, age 27 from Manlius, NY.


(Photo courtesy of NYSP)

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