Gov Cuomo Blames Trump Administration, Lack Of Nursing Home Death Numbers

Buffalo, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo speaking in Buffalo today said the focus on vaccination has shifted to two groups of people, the doubtful and the youthful. He encouraged everyone to get vaccinated so that things can get back to normal.

He responded to a question regarding a New York Times article about the governor's political team hiding COVID deaths in nursing homes. Cuomo blamed the Trump administration saying it was all politics and it made lawyers want to be very careful about the information they put out.

"It was highly political, it was in the middle of a presidential campaign.", Cuomo said. He went on to say "whatever number we put out had to be accurate, It wasn't about the number. It was about the accuracy,".

In response to a question about the accusations against t him regarding inappropriate behavior, Cuomo said it's hard to not respond to the allegations against him. "People have only heard one side of the story," he says. "I can't tell you how eager I am to tell my side of the story. And that time will come."

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