Gov Cuomo Says We Are Seeing The End Of The "COVID Winter", Must Vaccinate

Queens, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo was in Queens today helping to open up another pop-up vaccine center, at the Rochdale Village.

The Governor said he hopes that with spring we are seeing the end of what he called the "COVID Winter". He continued to push people to get vaccinated.

Beginning today, curfews gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys, and casinos are being lifted. Cuomo warned, that there are variants and he said. "This virus changes on you, it mutates on you, hundreds of times a week around the world...We have to crush COVID, and we have it on the run."

He added that the first step in doing that is to take the vaccine.

The governor continued to call for equity in the distribution of the COVID vaccine, and debut the start of the state's "Roll Up Your Sleeve" campaign to encourage citizens to receive their shots.

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