Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh Delivers 2021 State Of The City Address

Photo: City Of Syracuse YouTube Page

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh delivered his annual State of the City Address Thursday night.

He discussed several initiatives in last night's speech, including those made over the summer during nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, and announced the creation of SyracuseServes, which will help veterans and their families access important community services. The mayor also spoke of the challenges the city has faced during the coronavirus crisis, but praised residents for staying strong during a very difficult time. He said that even prior to the pandemic, progress was and is still being made in Syracuse.

Following the address, Syracuse City Councilmember and mayoral candidate Michael Greene criticized his praise of the city's police contract plan:

In a statement, Syracuse City Common Council Member and mayoral candidate Khalid Bey also admonished the Mayor's praising of the police contract plan. Additionally, Bey said that more relevant issues to city residents, including jobs and housing revitalization, were not addressed in the Mayor's speech.

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