Gov Cuomo Says NY COVID Numbers Looking Pretty Good But Vaccine Running Out

Albany, N.Y. - Governor Andrew Cuomo started his briefing today thanking President Biden for state and local aid to the tune of $350 billion nationwide. Cuomo is urged them to raise it.

Gov Cuomo says things looking good in NY as far as people going into the hospital for COVID, he said those numbers have dropped significantly. He said the state's positivity rate stands at 5.65% were positive. Another 165 people died from Covid-19.

He said the state will likely deplete its week 1-5 vaccination supply today. However, week 6 allocation is arriving and he warned health care providers to only make appointments for allocation they know they will receive.

He praised the Southern Tier as a real turnaround story. Not only have they reduced their infection rate and hospitalization rate they have used 100% of their vaccine allotment.

Cuomo said the week 6 allocation is about 250,400 doses.

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