Gov Cuomo Says NY Needs 15 Billion Dollars For State Budget

Albany, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo speaking about his 2021-22 Budget for NY today. He said he's asking the Federal Government for 15 billion dollars.

He said if the state only sees about 6 Billion, New York will need to cut $2 bill from education, $600M from Medicaid, more cuts to localities. As far as raising taxes he said if the state raised them to the highest level in the nation, it would only raise 1.5 billion.

If the state gets the 15 billion, Cuomo said they could continue middle-class tax reductions, offer $50 million to restaurants affected by Covid and provide broadband internet statewide, including low-income urban and rural areas, among other things he addressed in his State of the State address last week.

Cuomo threatened that if the Federal Government under President Joe Biden does not give the state 15 billion dollars, Cuomo said he will "pursue litigation"

The governor, again reiterated that he wants the state to run mobile betting, not the casinos, similar to the lottery, and legalize marijuana.

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