Oswego Landlord Arrested For Exposing Himself And Solicitation

Oswego, N.Y. - Oswego Landlord and business owner, Doug Waterbury was arrested after a person called police saying he was exposing himself to someone in a vehicle.

The person who made the call was able to provide police with a video and pictures leading to Waterbury's arrest and enabled police to contact the victim.

The victim told police Waterbury was offering to give her money in exchange for oral sex.

This is not Waterbury's first run-in with the law in regards to harassing women. In 2017 he was sued for sexually harassing numerous women, including many of whom were his tenants. He recently is alleged to have violated a court order banning him from any contact with his tenants.

In addition to several apartment buildings, Waterbury also owns Sylvan Beach Amusement Park , Santa's Workshop, and the Renassaince Festival

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