John Katko Officially Wins 24th Congressional Seat

Syracuse, N.Y. - Its official John Katko has won the 24th Congressional District race defeating Democratic Challenger Dana Balter.

Last night all four county Boards of election in the district certified their vote counts. Katko won re-election by over 10 percentage points, garnering 34,929 more vote than Balter.

Katko released a statement saying,

"With all absentee ballots counted and results certified, it is clear we have decisively won re-election. I am honored and humbled to have once again earned the strong support of Central New Yorkers of all political affiliations. Once again, our campaign exceeded expectations by winning with a margin of over 10 percentage points, significantly outperforming the top of the ticket. 

“I recognize that voters across Central New York remain frustrated with the gridlock and lack of progress in Congress. I proudly ran a campaign that emphasized my record of bipartisanship and working together to achieve common goals for our nation. 

“Like many communities across the country, Central New York is continuing to grapple with the ongoing pandemic, while confronting a host of other local challenges such as the opioid epidemic, water quality issues, and crumbling infrastructure. My approach to governing in Congress will prove integral as we work to combat the pandemic and address these issues of local importance.”

Katko received over 28,000 more votes than did President Donald Trump

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