Loud Boom Heard In Onondaga County and Elsewhere, Likely A Meteor

Syracuse, N.Y. - Some confusing and tense moments this afternoon as people heard a loud boom.

They then called 911. Authorities had no idea what it was, National Grid said they had no issues, police and fire agencies scrambled to find anything.

Onondaga County Sheriffis told Newsradio 570 WSYR they investigated it but found nothing...thats cuz it evidently was up in the atmosphere.

It's now belived the boom was a meteor crashing into earth.. The boom and a fireball have been reported by many from Ontario Cananda to Virginia and even in Michigan.

Some experts are saying it was probably the size of a car and moving about 10 miles a second.

No reports yet on where if landed or if it even survived the entry.

(Getty Images)

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