Gov Cuomo Says This Will Not Be A Normal Thanksgiving

Albany, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo giving briefing today, spoke mostly about being safe during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Cuomo encouraged NYers to adhere to masks, social distancing and he warned that we cant do the holiday as before.

The Governor said " yes, it’s going to look different, and its going to feel different, but it is more special and more powerful than past Thanksgivings".

He went on to say he will honor essential workers at Thanksgiving who bravely protected NYers during COVID. Cuomo said “So I won’t have my family at the table, but I have my broader family at the table and I am honoring them this Thanksgiving ... that's the family of New York."

He warned that the more increased social activity the more that virus is going to spread. He said infections could go up 20%, or 1,400 people per day going to hospital after the Holdiay.

He also unveiled a new mask, with a Turkey on it that says " Don't Be A Turkey Wear A Mask"

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