Man Instantly Rejected During Job Interview After Failing Trick Test

Hiring managers sometimes have to make difficult decisions when they choose who is the best fit for a position they are interviewing for. Many of them don't just take an applicant's resume into account, but other factors as well, and it turns out that sometimes, to test those other characteristics, the job interview starts before the applicant has any idea.

One job seeker learned that the hard way and on Reddit's Life Pro Tips forum, a woman decided to share the mistakes the man made so others can learn from them. In her post, she wrote:

"Today, a candidate blew his interview in the first 5 minutes after he entered the building. He was dismissive to the receptionist. She greeted him and he barely made eye contact. She tried to engage him in conversation. Again, no eye contact, no interest in speaking with her. What the candidate did not realize was that the 'receptionist' was actually the hiring manager. She called him back to the conference room and explained how every single person on our team is valuable and worthy of respect. Due to his interaction with the 'receptionist,' the hiring manager did not feel he was a good fit. Thank you for your time but the interview is over. Be nice to everyone in the building."

The tactic got very positive reactions in the comments, with people writing things like, "If they treated the receptionist like s*** when on their best behavior imagine how awful they will treat them once they get the job."

Some commenters wondered if the applicant might have been on the autism spectrum and unfairly judged, however, the woman updated her post to add, "He does not have ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder]. That was absolutely not the situation. Later in the day, got confirmation from another source in the industry that the guy is kind of jerk, especially to women."

If you go to a job interview, just remember this story and know the interview might start the moment you walk through the door.

Photo: Getty Images

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