Gov Cuomo: Parts Of Onondaga, Erie and Monroe Counties Are Yellow Zones

Albany, N.Y - Governor Cuomo in a press conferance call announced that certain parts of three counties will be classified as a "micro-cluster".

Parts of Onondaga, Monro and Erie counties will transition to yellow zones. This means that certain rewstrictions will return to those areas.

In yellow zones, only 4 people at restaurant tables for dining, bars/restaurants close at midnight, 20% of school students must be tested.

Precise areas affected not yet released.

Cuomo again said local officials have to do better job enforcing Covid rules, even if politically unpopular. He said "I'll tell you what's not politically popular, people dying.

He emphasized that " Micro-clusters "not a scarlet letter,'' and he said as we have seen elsewhere it has worked in reducing the numbers of infection.

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