Syracuse Chief Buckner Suspends Officer Involved In Shoving Incident

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner holding a press conference today to address excessive use of force by Officer Mike Birklin.

On September mber 14th a video surfaced on social media showing Officer Birklin shoving a man in the face on Palmer Avenue. Today Chief Buckner announced the results of their investigation.

Buckner determined that Birklin should be suspended due to violations of the department’s policies. According to the Chief, Birklin broke the department’s rules for officer demeanor, failure to de-escalate, unauthorized use of force and failure to report a use of force. Birklin will be suspended 15 day suspension without pay and will undergo retraining.

Two other officers received written reprimands.

Officer Birklin is alos being investigated regarding a Syracuse mom's claim that Officer Birklin slammed her 13-year-old daughter's face into the street during a different incident.

Chief Buckner says they are still investigating that incident.

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