Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh Hosts Other Mayors Asking Washington For Help

Syracuse , N.Y. - Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh participatied in a conference of mayors and city officials from across New York state today. They all had the same purpose, to discuss the ongoing budget crisis and need for federal funding.

A total of 10 mayors..spoke today all encouraging Washington to send federal aid to cities and municiplaties to help dela with the financial hardships attributed to COVID 19 the pandemic.

Those in attendance in addition to Mayor Walsh were:

  • Mayor Rich David, Binghamton and NYCOM President
  • Mayor Svante Myrick, City of Ithaca
  • Mayor Francis X. Murray, Rockville Centre
  • Mayor Kathy Sheehan, Albany
  • Mayor Robert T. Kennedy, Freeport
  • Mayor RuthAnn Loveless, Hamilton
  • Mayor Gary McCarthy, Schenectady
  • Mayor Richard Milne, Honeoye Falls
  • Mayor Mark Olson, Fayetteville
  • Peter A. Baynes, NYCOM Executive Director

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