Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh Joins In Lawsuit Against ATF

Syracuse, N.Y. - Mayor Ben Walsh is joining other Mayors in a lawsuit against the federal government looking to stop the growing problem of Ghost Guns.

A ghost gun is a homemade gun built from easy-to-obtain pieces, which can be purchased online without a license or even a background check. The parts used to assemble the guns do not have a serial numbers,nor does the ATF require a serial number on the parts.

Mayor Walsh said Syracuse police had recovered 25 ghost guns as of the end of last month.

Walsh is joining other mayors from cities like Chicago, San Jose, Calif. and Columbia, S.C., as well as Everytown Law, a gun violence prevention organization, in the lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The lawsuit is asking a judge to invalidate the ATF’s interpretation of what a gun is.

(Getty Images)

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