Onedia County Sheriffs Warn Of Large Gatherings Of Young People

Oriskiny, N.Y. - Onedia County Sheriffs are warning the public to be on the lookout for large parties.

Deputies have had to answer several calls lately of large gathering involving people ages 16 to 25. The kids get word of the parties through Snapchat. Some gatherings included as many as 200. Officials say some come from outside the county, and some have local Gang affiliations. In addition to leaving a mess behind, theres been reports of robbery, assault, shots being fired, weapons possession and underage drinking.

The areas in which the parties seem to be occurring are in rural secluded wooded areas off of seasonal or dirt roads which are on both State owned and privately owned wooded properties.

The sheriff's office asks that if you see a large gathering or know of one thats to occur that you contact them at 315-736-0141, or call 911.

(Getty Images)

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