Shots Fired Report At The Crossgates Mall in Albany

Armed police outside of Corssgates Mall. (Brianah Bethmann-Barrett)

ALBANY, NY - A shots fired report was responded to by the Guilderland Police, at the Crossgates Mall in Albany.

Shoppers were ordered to the back of store for safety as the police department responded to the mall.

The shooting was the result of a feud between two individuals who knew each other, and there is no imminent danger to the mall, or area that the mall is located in at this time.

"Crossgates immediately went into lockdown. At this time, no arrest has been made, but law enforcement officials are confident the suspect has vacated the property." Said a representative from Pyramid Management Group, which owns the mall.

The mall is expected to be closed for the rest of the evening, as the investigation continues.

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