Gov Cuomo Warns NY'ers Restaurants and Bars May Be Shut Down Again

New York City, N.Y. - Gov Cuomo is off to Savannah,Georgia today, fulfilling his pledge to send New York State's covid supplies to Atlanta.

Speaking at JFK airport this morning,he said New Yorkers "conquered the Covid virus." but there are renewed worries that virus could spread again in a big way, because of large gatherings and law violations in the state.

Cuomo had strong words for the young. He said young people partying and ignoring virus protections are “stupid … you can die in your 20s, people have … you could kill someone … the police department has to enforce the law, and they are not doing it.”

He again warned that if the situation worsens he will be forced to close restaurants and bars back down.

On the good news front, the the positive test results were 1.05 percent only 8 people died in 24 hours. There are 716 covid patients in the hospital.

(Photo courtesy of Gov Cuomo's office)

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