LONSBERRY: But What If Cops And White People Aren't Bad?

       But what if I don’t believe that, as a general rule, cops are racists and white people are bad?

               What if I believe that the cops are the good guys and that white people aren’t the bad guys?

               Is there room in progressive America for me?

               Are those opinions still expressible in a nation that once practiced free speech?

               Maybe not.

               Especially now in crisis-of-the-week America, as the Democrats foment and exploit crises in ever more desperate attempts to claim power in November.

               They did global warming for a while, and that didn’t work. They did impeachment for a while, and that didn’t work. They did covid for a while, and that didn’t work. And now they’re trying race war.

               And it’s all the Republicans’ fault.

               You saw that yesterday. After Democrat protesters, rioters and looters in Democrat cities lashed out against police departments overseen by Democrat mayors, the Democrats told us it was Trump’s faults.

               He’s sending the Army to kill the citizens, or something like that. You’ll have to check the network anchors’ TelePrompTers to get the exact Democrat talking points.

               And as Democrat pep rallies in city after city turn into free flatscreens and sneakers for anybody with a brick, the Democrat response is to shaft the police. The nation gets fried by law breakers, and the Democrat impulse is to crack down on law enforcers.

               Especially in New York.

               Where the legislature, controlled by Democrats, is putting together a special session to pass criminal justice “reforms” restricting what police officers can do and opening their personnel records to public scrutiny.

               Reviewing: Democrats loot, burn and pillage, and Democrats respond to that by hamstringing the police.

               It’s almost like the Democratic Party is the anti-law and order party. It is the party of the streets. The streets of broken glass and burning buildings.

               Which is ironic because mobs are not democratic, and governments driven by mobs are not democratic. In fact, the voice of the streets is never the voice of the people. In a Republic, under our Constitution, the voice of the people is heard at the ballot box. In a mobocracy, anybody who can burn down enough buildings gets to be in charge.

               It’s the difference between the American revolution and the French revolution. Ours led to a representative government, theirs led to the Reign of Terror.

               And in its desperate grab for power, the progressive movement is fine with tearing America apart, fine with destroying rule of law and fine with turning people tribally against one another.

               The reality of a murderous cop in Minneapolis is exploited to advance the theory of universal white racism, the notion that members of one race are morally defective by virtue of their inescapable history and current circumstance. To be white is to be racist. To be white is to be privileged. To be white is to be the problem. Which is all crap. People are individuals, to be judged – one man said once – by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Yet the empowering bigotry of the Democratic Party is that white people, by the color of their skin, are the oppressors and occupiers of society, engaged collectively in a centuries-long conspiracy against people of color, and deserving of society’s rage and vengeance.

               Which is all nothing but bigotry.

               It has been decided not to eliminate bigotry in America, but to replace one bigotry with another.

               Or, more correctly, another two bigotries.

               Because the prejudice against police officers is the intellectual and moral equivalent of any other sort of bigotry. When you group people, and disparage those people by virtue of their membership in that group, that is bigotry – whether you group them by their sexual orientation, their religion, their race or their occupation.

               Hating somebody because she wears a badge is the same thing as hating somebody because of the color of her skin. Seeing one bad cop – or a thousand bad cops – and judging all police officers as a consequence, is the same thing as seeing one bad person of a certain color – or a thousand bad people of a certain color – and judging all people of a certain color.

               The Democratic Party is insidiously promoting hatred of police officers and white people. You see it every night on the evening news, and the recent riots – and much of the rhetoric of the demonstrations – promote it.

               Which is an evil way to honor a murdered man.

               The most recent picture of George Floyd shows him smiling and holding up a Bible.

               A Bible which teaches that all men are brothers and that we should love one another.

               Those are the truths that should be advanced. Applied earnestly, they will improve conduct and build bonds on both sides of the badge and on both sides of the color barrier.

               We are meant to live in peace and respect, for all people, in all circumstances.

               That is more important than the November election.

               No party should seek to burn down the nation in order to preside over the ruins.

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