Syracuse's Night Of Broken Glass, Protests, and Looting

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse is in a State of Emergency as protests surrounding the death of George Floyd have devolved to looting and vandalism.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh made the order overnight as looting broke out along North Salina Street around midnight. The order is immediate and establishes a curfew banning all people from public places between 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. The State of Special Emergency will remain in place until the Mayor's Office determines the order is no longer necessary.

Mayor Walsh asked for calm in dealing with protesters saying in a statement that says that the George Floyd protests this afternoon and tonight were peaceful until bad actors working against the larger group began agitating towards aggression.

The night of broken glass began in the heart of downtown Syracuse on South State Street. After nightfall, protesters shattered the front of the Syracuse Public Safety Building. While being driven out by Officers protesters turned their aggression towards the Onondaga County Criminal Courthouse before settling outside of the Headquarters of the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office.

There protesters met police in riot gear who surrounded their building. Many protesters have decided to move on from there after several hours making their way to the Northside. Agitators leaving the standoff with deputies began vandalizing and looting businesses on North State Street and North Salina Street.

Investigators are beginning the process of combing through surveillance video as well as pictures and videos posted to social media In an effort to identify the agitators. Arrests are likely.

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