Hope For A Reopen Is High As COVID-19's Economic Drain On CNY Continues

Governor Cuomo is coming to town today and officials are hopeful he will give his blessing to the region to begin a phased reopening tomorrow. Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is among the key leaders of our region's reopening task force. He'll also give an update on the financial health of the City after Syracuse and Onondaga County were left out of the most recent economic stimulus package.

The economy continues to be roiled by COVID-19. NBC's Mike Bower reports about another massive stimulus package that Democrats are pushing. Meanwhile, Americans are losing their jobs and their health insurance. NBC's Bill Zimpfer explains the impact of that.

Some airlines are on the verge of going broke, and now Federal officials may force them to start giving out cash refunds to would-be-passengers that canceled their flight do to the Coronavirus. Our Aviation expert Jay Ratliff talks about that and what did he say about these recent frosts!?!?

Fox's John Decker discussed the good day that Paul Manifort had yesterday, and talks about spotting the Vice President at the White House amidst Coronavirus concerns.

Miss a little, miss a lot.

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