As CNY Eyes Reopening This Week, More Coronavirus Deaths Could Follow

Central New York has hit all of Gov. Cuomo's requirements to begin phase one of reopening on Friday! But CNY is not alone in reopening. More states are opening up this week and that is leading to grim new COVID-19 projections.

The University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation are projecting more than 137,000 deaths due to Coronavirus by August. As of Sunday night the death toll stood at more than 79,500. NBC's Mike Bower reports on the latest Coronavirus numbers, including how it is impacting White House officials tasked with protecting the nation from it. The impact on the Task Force is also impacting Congressional hearings. Fox's Rachel Sutherland has more on that.

Onondaga County Legislative Chairman, and farmer, Dave Knapp checks in about aid coming down for farmers in CNY as the region prepares to reopen.

Meantime some folks are struggling to get their unemployment checks. Word is Assemblyman Al Stirpe knows a thing or two about helping folks out. He shares some tips on how to navigate the system.

Onondaga Community College knows this summer will be too early to bring students back together. But not all students are thriving with online learning. How is OCC reaching those students? President Casey Crabill explains!

A father and son are now facing murder charges after a shooting killed an unarmed black man back in February out on his daily run in Georgia. Ahmaud Arbery was running when the two armed white men chased him down and confronted him. The incident ended with one of them shooting Maud. NBC's Bill Zimpfer has some of the odd twists and turns of the case that could soon prompt an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Miss a little, miss a lot!

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