Andrew Cuomo, The Virus King

Andrew Cuomo is an arrogant, incompetent tyrant who has wrecked the lives and communities of millions of New Yorkers through his cynical manipulation of the coronavirus scare.

               Beyond the carnage on his watch in New York City, where public health measures were seemingly less effective per capita than anywhere else in the world, his dictatorial control of every aspect of New York life has crippled the liberties and livelihoods of a state.

               He denied people the right to work, worship, socialize and use their time and their resources as they wished.

               And now he threatens to send the State Police against people who don’t wear face masks, or who go to parks or congregate in unacceptable numbers.

               All in the name of fighting a virus whose potential impact has been dramatically and manipulatively overblown to aggrandize power and advance a political agenda.

               And no one has exploited this virus more for his own megalomaniacal arousal than Andrew Cuomo.

               And no one has suffered more from the oppression of government overreach than the people of upstate New York.

               Here are examples.

               He decreed that the academic year was officially over and that no schools in New York could reopen. No exceptions, no local input, no variance for presence or absence of the disease.

               And so it is that communities that have literally had no coronavirus in their midst whatsoever must deny their sons and daughters a graduation ceremony. Local superintendents and parents cannot be allowed to decide, it must be handed down by one man, with no personal experience as a public school student or parent.

               And stores and businesses are arbitrarily shut down by his dictate, eliminating the jobs of some and destroying the life’s savings and labors for others. When two stores in a five-store plaza are allowed to open, but the other three aren’t, that’s not public health, that’s political arrogance.

               If any store is safe, then all stores are safe.

               And if we can go to Walmart and Costco, we can go to church and synagogue.

               If he can have a hundred healthcare workers crowd together to cheer his mask-less arrival at a press conference, people can gather for Ramadan dinner.

               But New Yorkers can do none of these things.

               They may not go to funerals, they may not attend weddings, they may not celebrate grama’s 100thor mom and dad’s 50th.

               They may only look ahead at the cascading collapse of their lives and communities, all caused by the overreaching dictate of Andrew Cuomo. Because it is not just lives being shattered by this dictator’s arrogance, it is institutions.

               Hospitals will be bankrupted, local governments and schools will be bankrupted, businesses will be bankrupted. Not because of a virus, but because of a tyrant’s exploitation of a virus.

               An exploitation that allows him to impose a political agenda that is nothing less than a restructuring of New York society to serve his vanity and Marxist aspirations.

               He wants the state to control hospitals, and so in the name of fighting the virus he imposes occupancy and practice restrictions that plunge hospitals deep into deficit and inexorably into insolvency, to be “saved” in a few months by being brought under his control. Likewise, a governor who has been at war with local government since his inauguration has choked off sales tax revenues, putting countless teachers and municipal employees out of work, and dooming their school districts, towns and counties to economic collapse.

               All to be rescued by the all-powerful governor whose state government will take over everything.

               People are denied medical treatment by his only slightly reduced ban on elective procedures. They must suffer alone in hospitals because of his guidelines for visitation.

               And they lose the right to support themselves and their families because he arbitrarily controls their jobs and their businesses. He dooms them, through this period of oppression, to a financial slump from which they may never emerge. He pushes them toward government dependence, so that he might enslave them and their children, and their children’s children.

               All in the name of a virus.

               And a cure that is far worse than the disease.

               He said the virus is death. And yet, from the standpoint of liberty and prosperity, his dictates are death.

               And his personal motto, now emblazoned on the state’s seal, E pluribus unum.

               Out of many, one.

               Out of many New Yorkers, just one gets to decide.

               Many must follow, one must dictate.

               Andrew the Pierced, the virus king.

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