Syracuse Hospitals Approved To Resume Elective Surgeries

Syracuse, N.Y. - Hospitals in Syracuse have been the given go-ahead to resume elective surgeries.

The procedures had been put on hold so more hospital beds would be available for coronavirus patients. That decision seriously hurt the bottom lines of local medical facilities who count on those surgeries to help stay afloat. Some hospitals even had to cut staff salaries or place people on furlough.

Under the new directions by the Governor the hospitals must keep 30 percent of their hospital beds available in case there is another wave of COVID-19. The open beds is expected to keep the financial strain on Hospitals that normally run closer to full capacity in order to run in the black.

Saint Joseph's Health will resume elective surgeries next week while they'll restart at Crouse Hospital May 15th. Upstate University Hospital hasn't announced its plans yet.

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