A Syracuse Wegmans Store Site Of COVID 19 Antibody Testing

Syracuse, N.Y. - Some Wegmans stores have been chosen to be sites for antibody testing.

New York State Department of Health is conducting antibody testing and one of the sites for that is the Wegmans on James Street in Syracuse. The testing began yesterday at a total of 5 Wegmans stores across the state. At each store, the Department of Health conducted between 100 and 150 tests.

The tests are designed to tell if a person had previously been infected with coronavirus. The results then help state leaders determine the spread of the virus and other information on who was impacted by it.

The teste took place at the following Wegmans stores on Sunday:

James Street, Syracuse

Johnson City, Binghamton

Amherst Street, Buffalo

Alberta Drive, Amherst

East Avenue, Rochester

(Getty Images)

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