5 People Die In a 24 Hour Period In Onondaga County

Syracuse, N.Y. - Five people died from coronavirus overnight in Onondaga County, the deadliest day for the virus so far locally.

Of the victims, the ages ranged from their 50s to their 90s, County Executive Ryan McMahon said. Three were men, two were women. Four were white, one was black.

“Unfortunately, we had the deadliest day in our fight with COVID-19 since this pandemic came to our county,” McMahon said.

The death total for the county is now at 17.

There are currently 52 individuals in the hospital representing 18-percent of all positive cases. 20 individuals are in critical condition.

Elbridge a long standing hold out has no reported two positive cases, meaning every town in Onondaga County has been impacted by this virus.

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