Had Enough With Covid 19? Syracuse Mayor Walsh Says Take A Walk!

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh annoucning that the Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs will open “Weekend Walks in the Parks” starting this weekend.

They will close roads to vehicles in four City parks.

· Upper Onondaga Park (655 Onondaga Ave, Syracuse, NY 13207)

· Thornden Park (Thornden Park Drive Syracuse NY 13210)

· Lincoln Park (140 Robinson St., Syracuse, NY 13203)

· Burnet Park (Burnet Park Drive, Syracuse, NY 13204)

· Onondaga Lake Park (655 Onondaga Ave, Syracuse, NY 13207)

The event will be on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., making it easier for people to enjoy city parks and practice social distancing.

The mayor said designated time periods for pedestrians to walk or run the mapped routes is designed to provide a safe and healthy alternative for people to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing during thes trying times.

The maps, located at the entryway of each park, show where people can park, where the road closures are, and outlines the routes that can be followed

(Getty Images)

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