Corona Virus, The Stock Market, Joe Biden on Guns, Russia, Oil and More.

🕒 3PM Hour

  • Discussion regarding Syracuse University asking students to self quarantine after spring break.
  • Corona Virus, who's at risk? Bob informs us and gives recommendations.
  • What about the Saint Patrick's Day Parade? Is it going to be cancelled? Bob doesn't think it should be, and he explains why.
  • Stock Market discussion, the worst day we've had ever, depending on the metric you use. It's Russia's fault.
  • Democratic Caucus discussion, focusing on Joe Biden.
  • US Census discussion, redistricting etc.
  • Joe Biden spoke about guns today, Bob elaborates on Joe loosing his cool over a question.
  • Corona Virus Continued. It's a great time to travel!

🕓 4PM Hour

  • Bob speaks on our local government, and how they have been handling the Corona Virus situation.
  • There is nothing weird about buying toilet paper. 🧻
  • Syracuse student quarantine discussion continued.
  • Russia is trying to crash our petroleum industry here in the USA.
  • Bob has learned, he's a face toucher.
  • Listeners call in. ☎️
  • Bob says, be prepared.
  • Making paper bags, Bob questions the practice, and what it takes to do.

🕔 5PM Hour

  • Syracuse University discussion continued. Students and self quarantine after spring break.
  • Stock Market discussion continued.
  • Listener's call in to discuss Bob's "Yo Yo" Bob wishes him a happy 80th Birthday!
  • Corona Virus discussion continued.
  • Democrats, tonight's caucus.
  • Who would be a better debater against Trump?

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