George The Barber, Interview w/Philip Church and Elizabeth Warren Boo Hoos

🕒 3PM Hour

  • George the Barber Story, how he came here from Italy in the 1960s. The struggle was real.
  • Listeners call in and discuss the issues with cell phones, does it relate to people not having kids?
  • Interview with Oswego County Administrator Philip Church regarding medicaid & property taxes in NYS.
  • Tom Reed's statement regarding the passing of Amory Houghton's passing.

🕓 4PM Hour

  • Bob discusses Elizabeth Warrens "Pinkie Promise Boo Hoos" 😭.
  • What's best for America, that should be the question everyone asks.
  • Bob gives his suggestions for Trumps running mate in the up coming election.
  • Listeners call in to discuss Trumps Running Mate.
  • Bob says to Google "Joe Biden Dementia"
  • Elizabeth Warren Discussion Continued.
  • Will we make ourselves extinct? Bob gives his views in detail.
  • Special Election discussion.

🕔 5PM Hour

  • Update on the Corona Virus, nothing new in our town.
  • Elizabeth Warren Continued.
  • Criminal Justice reform discussion, Bobs thoughts.
  • Corona Virus continued.

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