Adoptions, Corona Virus, Andrew Quomo, Super Tue, Interview w/ Will Barclay

🕒 3PM Hour

  • Finding your biological family. A heart warming story, what it takes to put your baby up for adoption.
  • 40 Million Dollars to be spent on Corona Virus, Power Grab by Quomo, Maybe? What Bob thinks.
  • Immigration Laws regarding Andrew Quomo.
  • Plastic bags and the Corona Virus

🕓 4PM Hour

  • Bob reads his column on air, as it relates to Super Tuesday.
  • Biden and Bloomberg, what Bob thinks.
  • The Super Tuesday States, Bob goes over them, and what they each mean.
  • Negotiations at SU, and the "Not Again SU" campaign. Bob discusses the situation, and his opinions on it.

🕔 5PM Hour

  • Interview with Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay regarding the Corona Virus and Quomo's power grab.
  • Students from SU coming back from abroad, and how it relates to Corona Virus.
  • Chris Matthews, and the nice compliments that others found offensive. You really can't compliment woman in the work place.
  • Recap of Super Tuesday, some of the things we need to look at.

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