Interview w/ Congressman Devin Nunes. Loretta Lynch Coming to SU and More.

🕒 3PM Hour

  • Interview with Congressman Devin Nunes, they discuss the Clintons, Russia and Trump. Congressman Nunes touches on the media and fake news. Bob discusses Devin Nunes and how he's been targeted by the media.

🕓 4PM Hour

  • Kobe Bryant, and the wrongful death lawsuit filed by his widow. Bob discusses the situation. There was no mechanical error.
  • Harvey Weinstein discussion. Bob discusses the different sections outlining what the laws state as it regards to rape and proper consent. What's going to become of all this? Bob gives you his thoughts.
  • Bob's looking for a swimsuit for his daughter online that's modest, he discusses his search for Muslim swimwear. This brings the conversation to what "Modesty" is, and how it relates to right and wrong.
  • The call for Loretta Lynch to come in regarding SU's issues about graffiti and racism, this annoys Bob. He tells you why he feels that way.
  • Vaccines regarding the case with the autistic boy.

🕔 5PM Hour

  • Bob talks about his daughters pregnancy experience.
  • The Onondaga Lake Parkway, Bob wonders if there is anything anyone can do. He discusses the options that have been presented and gives his thoughts on the situation.
  • Loretta Lynch coming to SU discussion regarding graffiti continued from hour 4. Bob gives his opinion.
  • Who's voting for Bernie Sanders in Nevada? Bob lets you know.
  • Harvey Weinstein discussion continued from hour 4.
  • Fight at Cayuga Native American Reservation, what happened and what's going to happen.
  • Bernie Sanders discussion continued.

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