SU, Onondaga Lake Parkway, John Katko, World War II, Interview w/Tom Dadey

🕒 3PM Hour

  • Fixing Onondaga Lake Parkway, what Bob thinks about it.
  • Ryan Newman released from the hospital, how he's doing after that horrific accident at The Daytona 500.
  • Roger Misso and the election, what Bob thinks about John Katko.
  • Caller discussions regarding Onondaga Lake Parkway & John Katko.

🕓 4PM Hour

  • Hiroshima and World War II discussion. A detailed account of what transpired.
  • Election discussions, John Mannion.
  • Syracuse University discussion regarding the protests. Bob gives his opinion.
  • George Zimmerman should just shut up!

🕔 5PM Hour

  • Live interview with Tom Dadey. Local and national topics are discussed.
  • Ryan Newman, Daytona 500 discussion continued.
  • Bobs thoughts on Jean Carroll, who claims she was fired from Elle Magazine due to Trump.
  • Syracuse University discussion continues regarding student suspensions. What Bobs thinks about the chancellors decision.

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