Trumps Hands Tied, Stop & Frisk, Trees in Syracuse, Equal Rights & More

3pm: Trumps hands being tied regarding Iran, Bobs thoughts regarding the powers our Commander in Chief should have. New additions at the zoo, Black Sheep specifically, discussion with Dave Smith. What Bob wants to do with a sheep, if he had one.

4pm: Michael Bloomberg discussion regarding "stop and frisk". Bob explains what it is, how it's used and why it's beneficial. Trump endorses Claudia Tenney, Bob gives his opinion. Bobs opinions on planting more trees in Syracuse. Bob wants to make a Black Squirrel Coat.

5pm: Tree discussion continued. People stealing from Destiny USA, Bob talks about the need for a police station inside the mall. Trump discussion continued regarding Iran. Springs coming! Bobs views on Valentines Day, how he and his wife celebrate. The Equal Rights Amendment, what it is and what it's for.

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