Terrifying Video Shows Uber Driver Have Medical Emergency While Driving

Over 460,000 Uber rides happen every day, and with numbers like that there are sure to be ones that go bad. There have been reports of everything from shootings to unfair cleaning fees with Uber, but what one woman recorded during her ride is pretty chilling. Her video, which was posted to Instagram, begins with a shot of a man in a car who looks like he is head-banging to heavy metal music, but she reveals that she just escaped that vehicle and that the man is her Uber driver. Cars behind him honk as his car blocks the road.

The clip then shows what her experience was like in the car. In it, you see the driver rocking back and forth and breathing erratically as his passenger fearfully asks him if he is okay. She is trying to be polite but is clearly scared for her life.

At the end of the video is a note that reads, "Yo, I'm still low key startled. I called the police and the guy left in the paramedics. Now I gotta report this to Uber."

No word yet on the man's condition or if Uber responded to the frightened passenger.

Photo: WorldStarHipHop