Registered Sex Offender Attempted Suicide When Arrest For Child Molestation

Syracuse, N.Y. - A Jamesville Man accused of sexually abusing nine boys tried to kill himself during his arrest.

The details of Robert Schad's arrested came to light in a court proceeding this week. Prosecutors say that he tried to plunge a steak knife into his chest as police raided his home in November of 2018.

Having missed his heart he asked police officers to let him die. Instead they tased him and brought him to the hospital.

At the time of his arrest in November 2018 Schad was accused by two Grant Middle School students about the sexual abuse. Investigators discovered more victims before his arrest. After his arrest more teenage boys came forward. The allegations are sealed in a 29 count indictment.

Schad is a registered sex offender who served time in federal prison for child pornography. He was on parole at the time of his arrest. He has been kept behind bars without bail since his arrest.

The trial is scheduled for early February.

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