Shoppingtown Mall Has Finally Paid Its Taxes... At Least, Some Of Them

The county has received something that it has not gotten in a long, long, time... a tax payment from Shoppingtown Mall.

The payments are a result of a Federal Bankruptcy Judge in Pittsburgh, who has been hearing the case since the Mall filed for bankruptcy in August.

Dave spoke with County Executive Ryan McMahon about how much they paid back, and if he believes the Mall will continue to pay up the nearly $10 million in back taxes that they owe.

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And the Democrats are set to formally file articles of impeachment on Tuesday morning. What's next for the President, and how has the White House reacted to the official announcement? Dave spoke with Michael Bower from NBC News Radio, as well as Rachel Sutherland and Jon Decker from Fox News Radio for the latest details.

Miss a little, miss a lot.

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