A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

It's December 7, 2019. I wasn't born when Pearl Harbor was attacked. The "active shooter" situation this week got "Pearl Harbor" trending before today. My dad was in the Coast Guard in WWII and stationed in San Francisco. He talked a lot about Pearl Harbor when I was a child. Although he never quite said it, his message to me was "Never Forget." My youngest son is 14. I wonder if they talked about Pearl Harbor this week in school. I wonder if the subject will come up today. Maybe we'll go to the bookstore and get a book about Pearl Harbor. Maybe I'll encourage him to ask his History teacher about Pearl Harbor. Maybe we'll pray and ask God to keep our country safe.

Franklin Graham was a guest on my show before his recent visit to Syracuse. Listen to our conversation in this podcast on " target="_self">iHeartRadio.



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