Former Member of Bricktown Gang Shot And Killed After Shooting His Nephew

Syracuse, N.Y. - We are learning more about last nights shootings that critcally injured a 6 year old, and killed a man.

Police say that a man shot a six year old during a domestic incident at a home on Fenton Street. When police arrived to the shots fired call, they came into contact with the armed ma, 30 year old Miguel Russo.

He was aggressive and non compliant and police were force to shoot and kill him. The boy was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Onondaga DA Bill Fitzpatrick says that 30-year-old Miguel Russo was armed when police arrived at the home at 119 Fenton Street, near Delaware Street.

Toxicology tests, which won’t have results for several weeks, and might describe more about Russo’s mental state when he shot his nephew and then how he acted with police once they arrived.

The name of the six-year-old boy has not been released.

In 2013, Russo and his brother were sent to prison for their role in the Bricktown Gang.

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