Syracuse City Councilors Approve Pay Raises For Themselves And Others

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse city councilors have approved a pay raise.... for themselves and the mayor and city auditor.

It's the first pay raise in more than a decade. Supporters of the raises said the higher pay will encourage good candidates to run for office. Others say they couldn't support a pay raise while the city struggles with it's budget. Councilors and the auditor have not had raises in almost 16 years. The mayor’s salary was last increased in 2008.

The measure approved would raise the salary of the nine common councilors from around $21,000 thousand to $30,000. The council president’s salary increases from $24,000 to $33,000.

The auditor’s salary increases by about $10,000 a year and the mayor’s salary goes from $115,000 to $130,000.

Councilors Joe Carni and Chad Ryan voted against the raise. Carnie said “I just can’t justify to give ourselves and other elected officials raises when we’re struggling to balance a budget,’’.

Mayor Ben Walsh has not decided whether he will sign the measure. But the 6-2 vote to approve the raises indicates the council could override a veto.

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