Health Officials Make Progress On Disease Ridden Mosquitoes In CNY

CNY Health Officials are giving updates in the fight against disease ridden mosquitoes around Oneida Lake.

In Onondaga County, Health Department Officials say that they sprayed the Cicero Swamp and some of the surrounding area last night. The spraying was in response to mosquitoes testing positive for Eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile.

In Oswego County, Health Department Officials say that their sampling of mosquitoes have not found any infected with Triple E. Unfortunately, they announced a horse in Albion and another in Amboy were euthanized after being infected by the disease ridden mosquitoes. Four Horses have been infected this summer.

In Madison County, officials say that they had a single instance this summer of Triple-E being found in mosquito samples. Spraying has not been scheduled.

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