New York Is Getting New License Plates, Costing Drivers Millions Of Dollars

New Yorkers are being asked to vote on a new license plate design. Governor Cuomo unveiled five options saying that voting will continue online through September 2nd.

The new plates will be available in April. If your plate is older than 10 years you will be forced to get a new one when you renew your vehicle's registration.

You will need to get a new plate when you register a new vehicle.

The fee for the new plate will be an extra $25 on top of the registration renewal cost. There will also be an extra 20-dollar fee if you want to keep the same plate number. That goes for vanity plates, too.

With more than 4.5 million registered vehicles in New York, the state will eventually generate at least $113 million.

Peeling license plates have plagued New York for decades since redesigning the plates twice since moving away from the red, white and blue Statue of Liberty license plates in 2002. The Blue and yellow plates were redesigned 10 years ago.

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