Wilmot Family Jumping Ship On del Lago Casino

Tyre, N.Y. - As questions are being raised about the financial stabilty of del Lago Casino, news is coming out today that the Wilmots family have pulled out as investors.

The Wilmots tried to get help from the state. A couple of times they met with Gov Cuomo's Division of the New York State Budget but were unable to coninvce the state to help out the Casino.

In a statement released Tom Wilmont Sr. said " We have tremendous pride in the development of del Lago Resort & Casino and the role we have played. The transfer of corporate equity shares to Peninsula Pacific is an opportunity that will have long-term benefits for all owners, patrons, and the community"

According to the Associated Press, del Lago generated $113 million in gambling revenue in its first nine months, far short of its $263 million projection.

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