Violent Rapist Who Cut Off His Ankle Montior Going Back To Jail

Syracuse, N.Y. - Chrisopher Block, a violent rapist that broke parole last month is going back to jail.

The search for Christopher Block began last month after his ankle monitor was found in Skaneateles. For nearly two days police in Onondaga and Cayuga County searched for Block. Eventually he was found off a fairway of the Skaneateles County Club -- less than a mile from where his monitor was found.

Block admitted to what he had done during a private hearing this morning inside the Onondaga County jail.

Block had served two-thirds of a maximum 50-year sentence when paroled in December 2018. Under law, that qualified him for automatic release, absent bad behavior or other circumstances.

The exact length of his new prison term has not yet been disclosed.

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