Syracuse Police Investigating Friday Incident That Has Gone Viral

Syracuse, N.Y. - We are learning more about an incident involving Syracuse Police Friday, that went viral.

Friday night Syracuse Police pulled over a car in the 100 block of Grace St. for blasting music too loud. The driver 23 year old Shaolin Moore, refused to exit the vehicle when asked which lead to him being physically removed.

Moore was subsequently arrested and charged with the sound viloation along with resisting arrest.

The video showing a portion of the arrest has gone viral with many claiming excessive force was used.

Police Chief Kenton Buckner rteleased a statement saying inpart

"consistent with the Departments use of force protocol, the incident was immediately reported, and the case was already under review before the video was posted online".

Buckner says he wants to assure the community that under Department protocol, when officers use force, including this time, they will complete a thorough investigation.

Mayor Ben Walsh says he has been in contact with the Chief "out of respect for the process and in the interest of both the arrested individual and the officers, we will await the findings of the review.”

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